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Reasons to eat Raw foods

Raw foods are great to eat if u want –

More energy
Clear, acne free and glowing skin
Better digestion
Maintained weight
No extra body fat
No health related problems….
Then start eating at least 30-40% raw foods from your total diet.

What foods can you eat raw?

*Soaked beans
*Raw nuts and seeds
*Fresh seasonal fruits
*Fresh homemade coconut or almond milk
*Young coconut
*Sun dried fruits
*Other organic natural or unprocessed foods
*Nuts should be soaked and Some fruits should be dried.
*Eat clean fruits and vegetables (avoid fruit juices)
*Make vegetable juice or smoothies.
*If any digestive problem arises such as (IBS), reduce the quantity. This  might improve after a while.
*Don’t eat raw green veggies and sea food in monsoon, you should cook to avoid bacterial infection.

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