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Beat the root with Beetroot

“Beet root”
💫 Inorganic nitrate is found in beet root. Nitrate helps improve the efficiency of the process that occurs in mitochondria, known as the cell’s energy factory.
💫After drinking beet juice, the amount of oxygen needed to sustain moderate exercise goes down (positive effect on our heart).
💫Improves lung function and strengthen muscle contraction.

💫Note : Drink beet juice slowly. This raw juice is strong supporter for thinning bile for properly digesting fat as well as detoxifier of the liver. You may experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea if you start out with too much at once as bile flow is increased and toxins seek to exit you system.
💫If you are drinking regularly, it can affect the colour of urine and faeces due to the natural pigments in beets.
💫People may notice pink or purple, which is called beet urea and these colour changes are temporary and not a cause for concern.

💫Serving size : 2 small cups per day is safe to drink.
💫You can make smoothies, raita, mix fruits juice instead of single beet root juice.

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