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Ayurvedic Clock

Ayurvedic Clock = Biological Clock + Mother Nature’s Clock

Ayurvedic Clock Time Blocks
Vata time: 2 to 6 am and pm
Kapha time: 6 to 10 am and pm
Pitta time: 10 to 2 am and pm

Activities for Vata Time
2:00 and 6:00 am, is an ideal time to meditate
2:00 and 6:00 pm, the high vata energy makes it a great time to do creative endeavors.
The qualities of air and ether that are present during this afternoon cycle of vata dosha are naturally more playful and light.

Activities for Kapha Time
Exercise in the morning or no later than 7 pm to allow your body to wind down and prepare for bed during the kapha evening cycle.
Turn off your screens and reach for a relaxing book before 9:00 pm at the latest.
Go to bed before 10:00 pm

Activities for Pitta Time
Our body has the most bile to help break down food at this time, so we want to consume our largest meal of the day during this four-hour window.
Eat your largest meal of the day during afternoon pitta time.
Schedule your most physical or analytical tasks during the pitta daylight hours.

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