Success Stories

It's highly rewarding to see my clients achieve their goals with my diet plans. I'm so proud that they followed it with dedication and consistency. Here's what they have to say :

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Rajdeep Singh Gold's Gym

"Thankyou Pournima Karande for helping me to get back in shape... I had my conceptions about diet and I always considered it to be an activity of starvation to achieve goals but, you gave me a diet plan which was very close to my daily eating habits so it was easy for me to follow it for good and also cleared my misconceptions. I would like to appreciate your understanding and knowledge about importance of nutrition balance in daily life and a proper way to achieve it. And above all some good advice that I would like to carry with me moving forward...

Good dietary advice I've ever received.

1. Proper planned diet is a healthy way of living, it doesn't have to be starving experience always...

2. Have patience and persistence for visible results."

Gautam Chainani Gold's Gym

I would like to thank Pournima who helped me towards my Fitness goal of weight and fat loss by providing great diet plans which are quiet easy to follow and can be maintained for long run .First when she gave me diet plan at Gold's Gym I did not start for first three weeks as had not been on diet before and had the old thought that working out is more than enough . But Pournima saw to it that I started by reminding me each time .Finally when I started it I realized it was not really that difficult and it was nothing like starving yourself but eating the right things. Proper Diet really contributes 80% of your efforts and 20% by regular exercise. As I lost almost 6kgs in one and half month by following her given diet as this not achievable before by just working out. I would strongly recommend Pournima as she is very Knowledgeable in her field and will provide you with the Right Diet Plan for your goals which are quiet easy to follow. Once again Thanks a lot Pournima.

Munira Bootwala Pune

Shalaka Shinde ABS Fitness

DJ Robin Pune

Pooja Gonjari New Zealand

Beatroot Nutrition didn't just assist me with diet rather she worked with me on my problems. I have been facing problems like lack of confidence etc etc for quiet long because of unhealthy eating habits...daily texts calls and follow up with her didn't just change my eating habits it changed my views and my expectations from myself too...she with diet did the job of feeding good thoughts as well and confidence too❀️ thanks Pournima for all that u r doing for me at this pt of time😘😘😘😘😘


It was good experience of consultation about diet and nutrition.!!! Very helpful and effective!!!

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