Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition

Gestation Period is perhaps the most beautiful time span in a woman’s life. You need to take the baby’s responsibility right from the womb.You need to be extra cautious about your health. You need to know which foods are best for you and your developing baby. Which foods do you need to avoid that may cause any harm to you and your developing baby?

Your pre-pregnancy diet directly impacts the developing baby’s genes. In this beautiful stage of your life, its very important that you receive all the nutrients that are essential to promote a safe pregnancy.

A baby’s birth weight is directly related to the weight you gain throughout your pregnancy. A woman who is at a healthy weight at the onset of pregnancy should expect to gain anywhere from 11 to 16 Kgs of weight during the course of the pregnancy. Women who are underweight are advised to gain 13 to 18 Kgs, and women who are overweight are advised to gain 7  to 11 Kgs. Not only gaining a healthy weight is important but the pace with which you gain weight during your 3 trimesters also matters.

Pre-natal nutrition is required for :

– fetal development
– healthy birth weight
– reducing risk in pregnancy


Post-partum nutrition is required for :

– boosting breast milk production or lactation
– recovery, growth and repair of cells
– reducing hormonal imbalance
– healthy weight loss

Get the right nutrition for cherishing this beautiful period in your life!

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