Fat Loss

Fat is the chemical that body uses to store excess energy. You are obviously familiar with fat. Fat comes from animals and plants and in their pure forms are things like lard, fish oil, butter, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil etc etc. Fat contains 9 calories of energy per 1g.

Fat doesn’t burn easily so your liver is always converting between glycogen and fat stores. Most people never ‘burn fat.’ Marathon runners infamously hit ‘the wall’ after about 30km of running, this is how much exercise it takes to use up all your glycogen store and start burning fat, fat does not burn well however and running becomes a lot more difficult after this point.

Now exercising can certainly burn calories but not as much as you’d think. Through the years, researchers have worked diligently to understand how we can lose fat. Based on their findings, scientists now say that a three-pronged approach addressing your psyche, diet and exercise is the key.

Your body also does not give importance to how ‘healthy’ the food you eat is, it will just absorb all the food energy (calories) it can.

I approach people who seek help in Fat Loss through various routes at one time to make the treatment effective, and help them recover from their disruptive eating habits and routines. When it comes to shedding fat, there are complex factors that come into play, including your genes, metabolism, food preferences, physical abilities and mental makeup. First of all, I listen, understand, analyze and evaluate the problems  through verbal counselling sessions, and then categorize the amount of Fat level stored in body to define the treatment path to follow. What works for one person may not work for everyone — so I experiment with well-researched strategies to find the best formula for you.

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